About The Treehouse Center

Providing For The Needs Of A Few Girls

Since 2009, The Treehouse Center has accepted girls, from families and governmental agencies that are in crisis situations and provide a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment services.  The Treehouse Center accepts referrals for girls ranging in age from 5 to 14, and acceptance of an applicant is based on an assessment by the multi-disciplinary team. Placement decisions are made following an assessment of the child’s psychological evaluation, social history, medical history and any other relevant information.  Generally, we provide services to children whose behavior or emotional problems require a highly structured environment with close supervision and a great amount of consistency in disciplinary strategies.

Nurturing the Individual Needs of Each and Every Girl

We provide a complete evaluation of the girl’s health upon arrival at the Treehouse Center. This includes a physical examination as well as a psychiatric evaluation. Our girls receive ongoing psychological support from professional licensed counselors through individual, family and group therapy. Our entire staff has worked with other agencies in our industry and has received fifty hours of annual continued education training. The administrative staff is certified in trauma-informed care, emergency behavior intervention and child psychology. Our expert training has prepared us to provide for each girl’s unique needs.

Licensed and Certified

Trained Youth Care Workers Provide Individualized Therapeutic Care For Each Girl’s Physical, Social, And Emotional Health

Our youth care workers are trained and certified on site as Child and Youth Care Professionals. The girls are supervised and cared for daily by trained staff who work with them individually to ensure their therapeutic needs are met. Often, our girls have suffered extensive trauma which leads them to struggle emotionally, socially, and behaviorally. They have difficulty expressing themselves in an appropriate manner. Our Youth Care Workers are there to not only care for their basic needs, but they are also teachers, mentors, and role models. With this relationship the girls are able to develop a healthy relationship with someone and begin to rebuild trust. Youth Care workers attend to every need such as daily life skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, and social skills. This is an important relationship that is based on modeling positive behavior in order to help our girls begin to heal and grow.

A Healthy Lifestyle That Leads To Healing

We provide girls with a structured, orderly and wholesome life.  Our girls receive healthy, nutritional meals, sleep on a regular schedule and enjoy a safe environment for the duration of their stay with us. The family is included, whenever possible, in a girl’s healing journey.  These familial connections matter and we work to help them thrive and nourish. Even when a girl is ready to leave and rejoin her birth family, foster family or adoptive family we stay in touch, because our relationship does not end when they have completed their journey with The Treehouse Center.  To us, leaving is just the beginning of a new adventure!

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